Is Wilder Ready For Wladimir Klitschko?

Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder has made quite a splash in boxing lately, especially in the heavyweight division. Rumors, opinions, predictions and other various discussions have been on the rise. Is it his perfect record with a 100% knockout rate? Or is it because people might have found hope in him as a possible future American heavyweight champion? No matter why, but his stock has been rising steadily.

Wilder claims that he is ready for a title fight, and would be ready to face Klitschko if the opportunity has presented itself. But how would he do against Wladimir? Would his style be effective against Wlad?

Wilder sure looks impressive on the pads, with quick combinations and accompanied by hard punches. In his fights, it seems as though his hands are made of stone, as his opponent simply plummet to the canvas. I would agree, Deontay is an extremely strong puncher, and thus far was able to land them on his opponents.

Having said all that, Wilder would be knocked out if he ever fought Wladimir, and it would happen very early in the fight. After reviewing Wilders latest fights, I found that in every single fight his punches were way too wide and sloppy, leaving him open every time he tries to land a good punch. Wladimir would have absolutely no trouble landing his thundering jabs and right hands, and you know it doesn’t take many of them to drop any fighter.

Deontay should work on tightening up his punching, so that he doesn’t provide any window of opportunity for any straight right hands to land on his chin. He is a tremendous fighter, but is still far off from being chiseled into a world champion material. In order to keep his name on the rise and elevate his chances of becoming a true champion in the future, Wilder needs to keep polishing his skills and try to stay away from Wladimir for as long as he can. Facing Haye, as Wilder has suggested he would like to do, would also be a mistake, as he is not yet ready to deal with the ring experience and the angles that Haye would use in the fight.


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