Is Wladimir Klitschko Invincible? Absolutely Not, Just Very Good at Boxing

Does invincibility ever play role in boxing, or is being the best at what you do enough to be a dominant champion?

Reading various boxing forums, it seems that a lot of boxing fans are fed up with the Klitschko fans, arguing and defending Wladimir as if he was the next big thing in heavyweight boxing.

The reality of the situation is, the he is not the next big thing in heavyweight boxing; he is the current big thing in heavyweight boxing. Wladimir is a fighter with very questionable chin and a lacking stamina, yet he keeps plowing through his competition as if they were sparring sessions.

Sometimes it is not only confusing, but also frustrating when other seemingly good and entertaining fighters lose to a champion that is technically missing vital attributes of a heavyweight titlist.

But if to dig deeper, it is quite amazing that Wladimir is able to not only sustain his dominance, but does it in a very clean and by-the-book boxing. His jabs and right hands are meant for boxing instruction books. His training seems more intense and strenuous than most other current boxers (thus his immaculate athletic body), making him a very dangerous opponent against any style. Ever since his fight with Sanders and Brewster, Wladimir has learned how to take his time and time his punches.

So, is Wladimir invincible? Of course not. Nevertheless, Povetkin should expect to fight an invincible champion come fight night, and not take anyone’s word for what will be waiting for him at the other corner of the ring.

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