Israeli Neurosurgeon Suggests Vitali Klitschko Displayed Signs Of Early Parkinson’s

Just recently the rumor mill was in full swing when a medical professional stated that Manny Pacquiao was likely in the early stages of developing Parkinson’s disease.

Now, yet another world champion has been warned by a medial professor who believes that the boxer is displaying some evidence of early symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

Israeli neurosurgeon Jonathan Degen from Herzliya Medical Center stated the following:

Vitaly is a great champion, but he must take care of himself. I watch all his fights. And of course, I watched his clash against Tomasz Adamek on September 10. It was a total victory, but some dangerous symptoms in Vitaly’s behavior alerted me and I want to warn him. I drew attention to Klitschko’s movement in the ring during the fight against Adamek as an expert. Note that he possessed full advantage, but was unable to deliver any knockout punch to a helpless opponent. It was hard for him to coordinate his body. Adamek received pokes instead of punches.”

On one hand, I haven’t ever heard of anyone being able to tell any symptoms of early onset of Parkinson’s from seeing someone fight on TV. When people are moving, it becomes nearly impossible to spot early Parkinson’s, but of course not necessarily impossible. At the age of 41, boxing has to be more dangerous than at a younger age, and with as many hits as Vitali had to take throughout his career might start to show themselves as he ages on.

On the other hand, was Dr. Degen’s assumption made on the basis of Vitali being unable to knock out Adamek, a world class champion with a solid chin? If so, I don’t buy it. Sure Vitali is getting older, weaker, and slower, but that’s not unexpected and happens to everyone. His stamina is lower, thus his power will also drain as the rounds progress.

In any case, seems like both Pacquio and Vitali Klitschko might be looking at a grim future, but then again, doctors can be, and very often are, wrong.

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