It Is Time For James Toney To Hang Them Up
April 29, 2013 Boxing History

Now that James Toney has suffered a definitive loss to Lucas Browne this past Saturday night, will he finally realize that it is time to hang up the gloves and find something else to do in life?

Toney had a great career, made waves in the world of boxing, and has seen many a great nights. Unfortunately, time has a tendency to make people slower, weaker, and much less energetic than they may have been earlier in their lives. This point in time has arrived for Toney, and his competitive days are clearly over. Sure he can keep looking for fights that earn him moderate paychecks, but by doing that he would unnecessarily be risking his health.

What do you think: is it time for Toney to hang them up and focus on other things in life?

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