James Toney Fights On, Facing Lucas Browne of Australia
March 14, 2013 Boxing History

It seems as though James Toney has never been in a position where he had to ponder retirement. Maybe it’s because he simply refuses to accept that hanging up the gloves would be a good thing for him, possibly allowing him the time to pursue other things in life. Another reason could be that Toney fully believes that he could still climb the ladder to the top and earn a few more championship belts.

A more likely scenario is simpler and more probable than any other: it’s that James Toney needs to keep earning money, and since there is nothing else he is good at (at least nothing that we have seen or heard of him doing), fighting is his only way to make a living.

Once again Toney is crossing the ropes on April 28th to face Lucas Browne (15-0-0) of Australia. With an impressive record of 15 wins (with 14 of those by way of K.O.) and 0 losses, and the unimpressive roster that makes up those wins, Toney has a decent chance of coming out the victor, slowly inching his way to a bigger payday.

It is evident that Browne has a decent punch, thus it is not impossible that he could potentially land a bomb on Toney’s chin, sending him to the canvas. As improbable as this sounds, James Toney is not the same fighter that danced around the ring decades ago, and has visibly aged, showing clear signs of diminished attributes.

James Toney was a tremendous fighter in his peak years, and is already a legend as far as boxing is concerned. Unfortunately he is mixing his great years with constant losses and lackluster performances, fogging up the exciting years of his career.

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