James Toney Talks Sergio Martinez – Kimbo Slice
August 21, 2011 Boxing News

Boxing star and 11-time world champion James Toney talks to EsNewsReporting about Sergio Martinez and Kimbo Slice.

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  1. With all due respect to Kimbo and his neat rise to fame through youtube and then to MMA, he hasn’t the boxing skills to compete against any “legitimate” heavyweight.

    No doubt Kimbo has power, but who doesn’t have power in the heavyweight division? Does he have technical skills, speed, accuracy, stamina, boxing IQ, footwork, etc. Even though he got a 11 second KO win over Wade who was 0-1 coming into the fight (lol…wade looked like a guy just pulled off from the streets), it wasn’t that impressive to the true boxing eye.

    His first couple punches missed and he looked terribly uncoordinated and very slow. He even seemed a bit tired after throwing just 4-5 punches. It’s a shame to mention Kimbo’s name in the league of a Klitschko, but I’d love to see that fight cuz Klitschko (any) would seriously KO Kimbo before the end of the round 1.

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