James Toney: Victor Ortiz Is A Quitter
August 16, 2011 Boxing News

A “quitter” , that’s what boxer James Toney calls Victor Ortiz. In this EsNewsReporting video he explains why he feels that way.

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  1. Toney, I’ll always be a fan for your past accomplishments, but how long are people going to hold the Maidana fight against Ortiz. I’m not saying Ortiz is going to beat Mayweather but come on already, man. The kid’s had six bouts since Maidana, winning all of them except for the Draw against Peterson. And that Draw included putting Peterson on the canvas twice.

    Berto even knocked him down twice in their bout. Did the kid quit? Did he give up and begin to wilt in the face of adversity, again? No. Instead he got back up like a true champion, dusted himself off and continued to dominate Berto until the very end. The Maidana fight was a hard fought learning experience. A test that Ortiz wasn’t ready for.

    I’m not excusing Ortiz for saying “No Mas” in the Maidana fight, just saying the kid did learn from that loss so I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for him to quit again, because he won’t.

  2. I remember Danny Green socked Toney up bad in sparring a while back. And now that Antonio Tarver beat Green, Toney talks crap about them…. That’s rediculous!

    Get real fat boy!

    • You are wrong Green did not sock Toney… Toney was practically playing out with him… in a real fight Toney would have killed him!!

  3. James Toney used to be a great fighter untill he overdosed on food for too many years! But now he’s nothing but a fat ass hater! I can’t satnd him always trying to call out guys who are a hundred pounds less than his fat ass. Shut the F up already Toney! You’re a washed up fat boy now, and you’re broke! So shut the F up for once, please. Stop actiong hard, you have no right to since Randy easliy made you his bith in a few seconds. You looked like a helpless little fat boy! not tough at all….

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