Jamie Kavanagh vs Ramesis Gil is a Draw

Jamie Kavanagh 8-0 3 KOs vs Ramesis Gil  6-3-4 5KO’s. Jamie now in the ring.

Rd 1 Both fighters mixing it up. Good exchnage during the round. Big bombs from Gil Jamie takes the punches still there.

Rd 2 Jamie starts strong. looks like a good rd for him. Gil and kavanagh exchange as bell rings.

 Rd 3 Jamie going for gil. Gil is doing what he can. Jamie looking for ways to hurt gil.

 Rd 4 Jamie moving in gil moving back. Jamie trys to land on gil gil moves. both fighters exchange. good rd for jamie.

Rd 5 Jamie is cut right eye. fight stopped to check out cut. fight back on.

Rd 6  jamie exchanging bad cut over eye due to head butt. Good exchange.

Fight is a draw