Jeff Mayweather Jr. Says Will Be Working On Mayweather Jr. vs. Pacquiao
February 11, 2013 Boxing History

According to a recent video interview with Jeff Mayweather, Floyd’s uncle, the fight between Mayweather Jr. and Pacquiao could be a lot closer than most of us believe.

“I’ve been contacted by Manny’s people, personally and now they want the fight. They know that if it doesn’t happen now it won’t be worth anything. I got text messages from his adviser so it’s a situation where I will talk to Floyd to see if that fight can potentially be made. More than likely it would probably be Dubai, there is a whole load more money in Dubai so the chances are it would probably be there,” stated Jeff.

Unfortunately this is not anything new or exciting. We have heard negotiations being talked over a dozen times, but thus far nothing substantial has materialized.  Then again, who knows, maybe Jeff has some kind of an influence e on his nephew, and could potentially skew the negotiations in our favor?

Truth be told, I am one of those people who have always believed that the fight will happen sooner or later, and I still stand by it. The fact that this fight would be of tremendous historical significance is far from the main reason for why I think it will take place; it’s the potential earnings that both fighters stand to collect from it that will drive this fight to reality.

One thing that bothers me is the possibility, as slight as it may be that they will end up fighting overseas, in this case in Dubai. I understand that they will be able to sell out any arena in Dubai for much higher ticket prices, but it’s the PPV numbers that matter most, thus I hope that both teams are not intrigued by Dubai due to that factor.

Will Jeff Mayweather be the magic bullet to this long standing negotiations debacle? Probably not, but never stop hoping.

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