Joe Calzaghe Coming Back As A Trainer! This Could Force Him Out Of Retirement.

Some of you may have already heard that former world champion Joe Calzaghe has decided to return to boxing in the role of a trainer. To some it may come as a surprise, but to me, it is an obvious choice.

Despite retiring, Joe hasn’t ever stopped talking about and being involved in boxing. Now that he has made the step towards the ring once again, even thought back in the role of a coach, I have a very strong feeling that we will see Joe will decide to box yet again. The crowd effect is a very powerful thing, a drug if you must, and it has the capability to slowly drag fighters back inside the ring. Many have fallen to it (Jones Jr., Morales, Mike Tyson, etc), and Joe is the likely next victim. Being in that environment, around boxing champions as well as million of fans will undoubtedly put that thought in Joe’s mind, and then the snowball effect will take over, forcing Joe to submit.

With the recent exchanges between Ward and Calzaghe, there is a clear benefit to this fight taking place. Money would certainly not be an issue, and the fight itself would be a very lucrative one in every-which-way. Many fighters came out of retirement for that one fight, the fight that would make them rich all over. Ward is the new superstar, and Joe, being an unbeaten champion, might be just the thing that Andre Ward as well as the boxing fans need right now; passion.