Jonathan Banks Feels Wladimir vs. Fury or vs. Haye Possible

Wladimir Klitschko’s trainer Jonathan Banks, had recently suggested that while they are not looking past Povetkin, a fight with Tyson Fury and possibly Davidy Haye are likely scenarios for the future.


“In the future, everything is possible, but first; let’s see how the Povetkin fight goes. It is possible that Wladimir will fight Fury. Also, if David Haye becomes a mandatory, I am sure that Wladimir will be ready to meet him in the ring once again,” said Banks.

Is this Banks just having a hypothetical conversation, or have they discussed their near future with Wladimir already?

Both Fury and Haye would generate a very healthy payday for team Klitschko, but how realistic are those fights? If I had to choose, I think that a bout against Fury would be more refreshing than against Haye, simply due to the dullness of Haye’s last bout against Wladimir.

I feel that Fury is more enthusiastic about his career at this point in time, and would probably look a lot more active against Wladimir than Haye would. Both fighters would of course have to travel to Germany, and both would have to play by the Klitschko rules  if they want to meet him in the ring. What that tells me is that Fury would be much more lenient in his own demands, and would meet Wladimir’s request without much hesitation, unlike Haye.

Of course for now this is nothing but speculation, but assumptions and rumors often lead to facts.


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