Jose Sulaiman Mad At Chavez Jr.: “He Has Lost His Head.”

The son of a legend, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. didn’t only lose the most important bout in his career thus far, and is not only an apparent marijuana user, but is also seriously addicted to gambling.

The president of the WBC Jose Sulaiman has recently stated that the young fighter has lost his wits, gambling away too much money:

“He makes all of this money and just gives it right back to the casinos, and that is truly terrible. He has lost his head. He is no longer the young man that I knew. He’s become sour and has a passion to throw his money away and that isn’t normal.”

I understand and feel for Suleiman, who has been extremely close with the Chavez family for a very long time, but I beg to differ, as this behavior is absolutely expected and normal.

Let’s see what we have here: A young man, spoiled via the fortune that his father has earned during his legendary boxing career. Now is not only rich and protected himself, but is also famous, which for many young people means entitled and not reprehended for their mistakes.

Do I need to name the dozens of other fighters and champions who had gone through the same scenario? Maybe the best example would be Mike Tyson? Age mixed with money is a formula that always fails.

It is unfortunate that Chavez Jr. is in this tornado of assumed invincibility, but as soon as reality hits him in the face, and makes him feel and understand that this lifestyle doesn’t last long without serious permanent side effects, he will feel gravity again, and get back to the right path. Most do.