Juan Manuel Marquez Down To Fight Rios if Rios Beats Manny Pacquiao – EsNews Boxing

Marquez: 55 pounds.
Reporter: Nacho says that he expects that Bradley will gain a lot [of weight]
Marquez: Bradley is a big fighter, right now, yesterday I saw him like at 180 pounds and he will have to drop [weight] but I think that the important point is to not give any advantages and that after the official weigh in, not to gain, like the [inaudible] rule, not to gain more than 10 pounds in the morning and later on at night there won’t be a problem, but no more than 10 pounds.

Reporter: Marquez what do you think of the fight between Pacquiao and Brandon Rios how do you see it? You have fought with Pacquiao many times how do you see him [Pacquiao] regarding that fight?
Marquez: It is going to be an important fight, an interesting fight, for the fans, I think that Pacquiao, we have to see how he returns after that knockout but in the velocity boxing [skills] and power of Pacquiao can be determine [the outcome of] the fight.

Reporter: You say you don’t want Pacquiao but [inaudible] (I guess “to fight”) Rios if he wins this fight.
Marquez: Let’s not suppose, let’s not start to put together things that, first things first, I have an important fight, I have to defeat Bradley, which is a very difficult challenge, a challenge I like, afterwards the future can be thought of.

Reporter: What worries you most about Bradley? You say he is big in size, what else about him worries you?
Marquez: Nothing. I think that instead of worrying [about difficulties], we should worry about training hard, to believe it will be a difficult fight like all the fights I have had, and to train to look for that victory.

Reporter: How did you see Bradley on the fight against the Russian [Ruslan Provodnikov]?
Marquez: Good, I saw him good. In a way he knew how to use his intelligence he’s a fighter that with a short career with 30 fights he didn’t let himself get connected by Provodnikov, Provodnikov had more than 5 occasions but didn’t know how to finish him [Bradley] but ok Bradley got experience from the fight, he got out [of the fight and] his short career how to use that intelligence. So I saw him win, the fight was closer, but I saw him win. I think that we have to take advantage of those important points, that apart Provodnikov did not hit Bradley in the body, Provodnikov is a frontal fighter, a fighter who does not move his hips, and those are important points to me.

Reporter: There are people who are in doubt about your 4th championship, [inaudible] clear the situation for us please [inaudible].
Marquez: It’s not interim, when I fought in Mexico City I fought for the interim WBO Light Welterweight title. But when Bradley fought with Pacquiao, in a controversial decision and Bradley was given the win and Bradley decides to keep that championship [WBO Welterweight Title] and the Light Welterweight title, they then give me an interim title [inaudible] absolute champion. That is why it was an absolute championship, because I won it in the ring and it cost me a lot of work to defeat that fighter, ehh where was he from… Ukrainian, [Serhiy] Fedchenko, he had a difficult illusive style, but ok we managed to win. But no it was not a title given to me outside the ring.

Reporter: Is there anything that will motivate you after the fight with Bradley, if you beat him, [inaudible] boxing?
Marquez: Well I don’t know, let’s see how I feel physically, I think that after October 12, we will see, we will encounter a difficult rival, a fast rival, a strong rival, and we will see how I will physically fell which is very important.

Reporter: Do you think he will stand as he did against Provodnikov?
Marquez: Hopefully he does, but if he doesn’t we have to find it. I think that in this case, these types of fights are like games of chess, we have to look for the fight, we have to look for what is convenient for us and what is not. I think it is a very important fight, as well as the strategy used.