Juan Manuel Marquez Is Asking For $20,000,000! Is This A Reasonable Number?

While there are numerous rumors floating around about Bob Arum’s upcoming dinner with Juan Manuel Marquez in order to discuss a possibility of fighting Pacquiao for the fifth time, thus far the meeting has never happened. Some reports are suggesting that the meeting had been postponed by Marquez for unknown reasons.

According to another recent suggestion, Juan Manuel Marquez has officially asked for $20 million payday in order to meet Pacquiao in the ring yet another time.

“It may be too much for him to ask for $20 million. But maybe that’s just an initial figure in order to get the negotiations going. He may end up settling for half of that,” believes a source.

Is $20 million too much to ask for? Before his knockout of Pacquiao, I would not think that this kind of money is plausible to ask for by Marquez, but now, being that the fifth fight would make more money than any of the previous ones, I think it’s reasonable.

As the source has reasoned, this may be a figure to start the negotiations from, and while the only way to go would be down, it’s always better to negotiate down from higher number.

Arum would likely try to convince Marquez that this is simply impossible because the fight would simply not make enough money in order to cover such offers, but in reality, Arum knows that this is the biggest profit fight other than Mayweather Jr. vs. Pacquiao would be.

Fighting Rios or any other fighter is not only a very high-risk and low-reward scenario for Pacquiao, but is also a waste of his precious time. If anyone will be standing in the way of this fight, it would Top Rank, as for Manny, a chance at redemption while getting paid a tremendous sum of money is a win-win.

What do you think, is Marquez being reasonable?


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