Juan Manuel Marquez & Manny Pacquiao Talk About Their Fight

Juan Manuel Marquez has landed in Manila along with Bob Arum and has already gone on the air to talk about his upcoming war against Manny Pacquiao. The fight between these two stars is going down November 12th in Las Vegas.

In this video Pacquiao talks in Tagalog while Marquez talk in English. Here’s what Manny had to say translated by Jonee Salazar.

Pacquiao said that he started his training early because he wanted to make sure that he will give Marquez a good fight and he added he wants to shut Marquez’s mouth. He was asked for a prediction but as usual he didn’t give one.

 Manny also told Marquez to train hard so that they could give a good fight to all boxing fans.

Check out this interview Marquez and Pacquiao did with GMA,  this clip uploaded to youtube by  DCRJ (Dan C Rivera Jr).