Juan Manuel Marquez Says “NO” To a 5th Fight Against Pacquiao, Unless It’s His “Last Option”

It appears as though Juan Manuel Marquez had made his final decision on whether he was going to fight Manny Pacquiao for the fifth time next, and the answer is a no.

“There’s no reason for a fifth fight against Pacquiao. It was clear, the goal we had we’ve already achieved. There is no longer anything pending, it’s all finalized and for it to happen it would have to be the last option,” stated Juan Manuel Marquez.

Despite Marquez claiming that there is nothing else to prove again Pacquiao, and that he is not interested in facing him again, he does clarify that in spite of it being the last possible option, the fight is still plausible if nothing else comes up.

There are a few fighters out there that Marquez can target, but none that will yield the kind of profit that a fight against Manny would. Sure Pacquiao is the riskiest option on the table, but there hasn’t been a better time for Marquez to accept that fight, since his confident must be through the roof.

It’s not necessarily surprising that he is trying to avoid another fight against the Filipino sensation, but I believe that in the end, Marquez and Pacquiao will end up facing each other yet again.

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