Juan Manuel Marquez Thinks The Fans Are Not Interested In A Fifth Fight

While Bob Arum is running around being confident that Juan Manuel Marquez will end up facing Manny Pacquiao for the fifth time, Marquez thinks otherwise.

“[I] am not interested in doing it, [there’s] no point, since [my] objective was achieved. The most important thing is that everything settled positively for me. Nor do I think that the fans have interest in seeing a rematch between us,” informed Marquez in a recent interview.

As far as there not being a point to the fifth fight, Marquez is of course very wrong. On paper he lost more than he won again Pacquiao, thus the point of another fight would be simply to prove that his knockout of Manny was not a fluke, and we know how boxing loves its solid proof.

Also, when stating that the fans have little interest in another bout, Marquez is either evading another reason for the fight to happen, or is simply uninformed on what the boxing public thinks and wants.

While I have not seen a tremendous out-pour of boxing fans demanding anther fight, most believe that it would be a great fight with a lot of significance behind it, and most importantly the fans would be willing to pay for it.

It is impossible to say what will happen with these two, but I do believe that they will once again meet inside the ring to try and prove who the better man really is.

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