Julio Diaz Gets TKO Victory Over Hector Sanchez

Tonight at the fantasy Springs Casino In Indio CA. Julio Diaz (40-7 29 KOs) took on Hector Sanchez (19-3 9 KOs).

Rd 1 Both fighters feeling eachother out. Diaz more active gets Rd 1.

Rd 2 Julio doing work drops Sanchez with a hard shot. rd to Diaz

Rd 3 Sanchez trying to get back into the fight. Diaz landing many shots. close rd goes to Diaz. Sanchez was having his best rd until ref stops fight as julio rocks sanchez with big shots.

Rd 4 Diaz landing good body shots. Sanchez who is taller trying to use his reach.

Rd 5 Julio puts on the pressure but sanchez able to take the hits and hits back.