Kell Brook Beats Matthew Hatton Now 27-0

2We will have a rd by rd up date of Kell Brook vs. Matthew Hatton
Both fighters in Ring ready to go.

Fans booing Hatton and cheers for the 26-0 Brook.

Rd 1 – Brook moving out of way of Hatton. Brook lands a few Hatton answers with body shot. Both feeling eahc other out.

Crowd is with Brook. Last minute of round Brook takes charge. Hatton bleeding from nose. Brook landing good right hands.

Rd 1 to Brooks

Rd 2 – Brooks starts strong lands shot after shot. Brook in charge of fight so far. Hatton has no answer yet. Hatton bleeding from nose again. Rd 2 goes to Brooks.

Rd 3 – Opening is all Brooks landing 1-2 combos time after time. Hatton lands a few punches. Hatton trying to do more in the round. Brook using his jab well. Rd 3 to Brook.

Rd 4 – Brook lands a  solid left hook. Then fighst southpaw. Brook lands more punishment Hatton has no answer. Hatton lands a right hand. Then Hatton ends rd with uppercut. Hatton bleeding from nose. Rd 4 Brook.

Rd 5 Brook stars strong but Hatton truns it on landing a few shots on Brook. Brooks lands 3 punches in row. Hatton is taking it. Brook rocks Hatton. Looks like it maybe a short night. Crowd goes nuts as rounds ends Brook in control 5 -0 after 5

Rd 6 – All Brook. He has this one landing at will. Hatton taking a beating. Hatton showing heart lands a right hand. Rd to Brook up 6-0

Rd 7 – Brook lands shots to open rd. Hatton landing an uppercut. Hatton landing a body shot. Best round for him so far. Reff tells Hatton to keep it above belt. Close rd but I’ll give it to Hatton looked more active.

Rd 8 – Brook lands some shots. Good right hand by Hatton. Hatton lands one. But Brook got this rd. 7-1 Brook

Rd 9 Brook drops Hatton 30 seconds into rd. Hatton gets up keeps on going, Hatton shows heart. Good right hand by Brook. Sky sportscasters say Kell Brook looking betr than Canelo Alvarez.

Rd 10  Hatton lands a solid left hook. Hatton looks better in this rd. This rd to Hatton.

Rd 11 All Brook he lands shot after shot. Hatton on his feet moving back. Ref warns Brook not to push Hatton. Rd ends Hatton still stands but Brook in charge gets Rd. 9-2 lead.

Rd 12 Brook going for the stoppage Hatton still stands. Hatton trying to go all wild, Brook not having it. Rd and fight go to Brook.