Kelly Pavlik Has Tips For Young Fighters
January 23, 2012 Boxing News

Boxing star Kelly Pavlik (37-2 32 KOs) talks to EsNewsReporting about Dmitriy Salita, fighters he grew up with and what message does he have for young fighters.

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  1. How someone like Yuri Kuzmin, who later changed his name to Foreman, who wasn’t born jewish, and doesn’t look jewish could experience antisemitism in the childhood?

    It’s not even PR anymore, it’s a lie and propaganda. And plagerizing George Foreman’s name is also not such a good idea because Foreman is more German than Jewish name

  2. Coach Michael Kozlovskiy wrote:

    while looking for a way to become Jewish so Bob Arum would sign him. This was a relatively simple task, since the only ones who knew that Yuri Foreman is not Jewish are his close relatives who live far away from America and his coach, Michael Kozlowski, who Yuri betrayed once he started making money in professional boxing.

    The Judaism of Yuri Foreman is a big mystery to me. I lived in Israel for many years, and I know the difference between a Jew and a “goy” (non-Jew). In Israel, the Russian boy, Yuri Kuzmin, became Russian Yuri Foreman. In Israel, you can switch your name, but not your roots. He remained Russian did not become Jewish. But America is an amazing country: one day you are a “goy” the next day you are Jewish. It is like Don King says, “Only in America!!!”

    Now I understand why Yuri Foreman’s girlfriend (who later became his wife) told me many years ago that I am a great coach, but I don’t understand “show business.” It is clear to me now that she definitely understands show business, because I heard that she became jewish too.

  3. Mafia put Dmitriy on black list

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