Kessler vs. Green: A Knockout to Remember

Kessler KO

Mikkel Kessler had KO’d some 33 opponents prior to his spectacular 4th round equilibrium shattering knockout of Allan Green in the former’s homeland of Denmark; but this, well this was something very special. Against an opponent who had only been stopped once prior – against the Road Warrior, Glen Johnson, no less – in Allan Green. Both Kessler & Green being alumni of Showtime’s Super Six multi-year tournament experiment at 168lbs who have now moved up a few pounds to the light heavyweight division.

Green had lost his 0 to Edison Miranda back in 2007 as the Columbian’s 29th professional opponent – tellingly, though, that loss came by way of decision – unlike Miranda’s first 21 opponents who were all stopped (that’s Mike Tyson KO run territory folks). So – this was a guy who could take a punch – but taking a punch is one thing – taking THAT punch; a near perfect combination of leveraged power counterbalanced by highly ill-advised/unfortunate defensive body positioning from the soon to be 4 times beaten American was to prove an altogether different challenge.

Challenge is perhaps not the right word, challenge implies some possible variability in the outcome – this was a lights out, thanks for coming, don’t let the floor hit you on the way down brutal date with fistic reality for the American on foreign soil.

We may well have seen the Knockout of the Year in boxing & I’d venture to add the Knockout of the Decade is a distinct possibility going forward.

For anyone who missed it, get your popcorn ready & enjoy the show:

Matt Hamilton, for ESNewsReporting!

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