Khan-Peterson:Final Presser

Amir Khan, Unified Super Lightweight Champion
“I always said when I was younger, I wanted to fight in different states and different areas of the world because I want to be the best and prove that I’m the best.
“We know how good Lamont is. He’s strong. He’s only lost one fight in his whole career. It’s going to be a tough night and you have a lot of support here, but I think we will have a lot more support [than people think].
“It’s been a long time since you had a big fight in DC, and we want to bring big fights back here again.”
Lamont Peterson, #1 Rated IBF Super Lightweight Contender
“I’ve been talking for two months now. I’m tired of talking. I’m ready to fight.
“I don’t like to be amped or crazy going into the ring because I’m a thinker. I just think about the game plan, go over that a few times and before I know it, they’re raising my hand at the end of the fight. I just keep going over that over and over again until it’s time to go.
“Khan has got his army here, so we really need DC to come out and represent!”
Seth Mitchell, Undefeated Heavyweight Contender
“I’m excited about the fight and I’m anxious. I’m tired of training.
“I’m not underestimating Timur at all.
“I’m confident. I know this is a big step for me. You don’t get a record like Timur’s without knowing how to fight and maneuver in the ring.
“I respect my opponent a lot, but come December 10, I’m pretty sure he won’t respect me and I won’t respect him either.
“I feel that it’s my time.”
Timur Ibragimov, Heavyweight Contender
“I fought so many times in Moscow, Germany, but never in the capital of America. It’s a big honor.”
Anthony Peterson, Lightweight Contender & Lamont’s Brother
“It’s been 15 months since my last fight. The Only thing I can say is keep your eyes open and don’t blink, because I got a lot of stuff to get off my chest on Saturday.
“I’m frustrated that it’s been so long since I fought, but it’s been a learning experience.
“I’ve got to prove a point to myself and to everybody else. I believe the Peterson brothers are the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world and I’ll believe it till I die, but we have to prove it to everyone else.
“We had to endure a lot more than the average kids, but we made up for that with Barry. He showed us how to live outside of boxing. He is my father.”
Freddie Roach, Boxing Hall of Famer and Amir’s trainer
“I fought here on March 1 in 1986. Darryl Tyson kicked my butt, but we’re gonna change that in the upcoming fight.
“Amir Khan is really ready. We had a great training camp and we’ll see you all there Saturday night.”
Barry Hunter, Team Peterson Manager and Trainer
“It’s not often that you have someone like Amir take a fight in the other person’s hometown when you can have a fight anywhere else in the planet, but he chose DC, so he deserves all the thanks and praise in the world.”
Andre Hunter, Seth Mitchell’s Trainer
“Seth has prepared very well and we know Timur is coming to fight. Seth is ready to go.”
Oscar de la Hoya, President of Golden Boy Promotions
“Saturday night, we will see the future of the heavyweight division in Seth Mitchell.
“When Amir Khan won the Silver Medal in 2004, he already looked like a seasoned veteran. He had tremendous speed, power and foot work.”
Bernard Hopkins, Light Heavyweight World Champion and Golden Boy Promotions Partner