Khan vs Garcia Rd by Rd

Amir Khan vs Danny Garcia Rd by Rd

Both fighters in ring. Fans going crazy for Khan.

Rd 1 – Khna lands first. Both fighters feeling eachother out. Khan showing speed. Low blow by Garcia fight goes one. Rd 1 to Khan.

Rd 2 – Amir lands shot after shot. Garcia foes in for the body khan answers. Garcia lands a big shot. Khancomes back. Garcia cut, rd 2 to khan.

Rd 3 – Khan starts strong. Fans yelling AMIR. WITH 138 left inr d amir lands a combo on garcia. Garcia drops khan. amir goes down hets back up with 7 seconds left in rd. rd 3 to garcia.

rd 4 amir goes down. garcia  in control..

Ref stops fihghts garcia wins