Khan Drops To Peterson in Split

Amir Khan 26-1 18 KOs vs Lamont Peterson 29-1-1 15 KOs

Both fighters in the ring along with Oscar and Bhop

Buffer drops lets get ready to rumble.

Peterson gets cheers from fans. Fans go wild for Khan also hearing it from Peterson fans.

 Khan in yellow trunks with yellow gloves

Rd 1 Peterson jabs amir goes after pterson . Khan landing some good shots on peterson. Lamont coming back. peterson slips. Both fighters going at it. khan stings lamont with a jab. Lamont goes down. exciting first rd. Khan has reach.

Rd 2 Khan trying to jab peterson is moving. Amir hears it from his fans. he lands big bombs on peterson. Khan boxing well. peterson fans yelling usa. khan putting in the work.  amir fans yelling a-m-i-r. amir landsing more shots and moving out of way.

Rd 3 Peterson trainer yelling at him. Amir starts rd 3 well.  Amir lands a few more jabs. peterson lands a body shot. crown stands up. peterson putting in work. landing shots. this is a war. khan lands a few on peterson.

Rd 4 Peterson lands a big one khan comes back with his own bomb. peterson lands some shots khan telling him come on hit me. khan with hand speed drops some big shots. khan moves. big exchanges. what a fight.

Rd 5 peterson lands first punch. khan jabs rights back. peterson tries to look cute. khan lands a nice jab. khan hits and runs. khan slips. khan lands a bog jab. peterson lands a jab of his own.

Rd 6 peterson stands stong. khan fans cheering. peterson fans yelling USA. khan lands a big uppercut. khan is boxing well. peterson lands a big upper cut. khan tells him you ddn’t hurt me.

 Rd 7 Khan lands a combo on peterson. big shots by peterson. peterson chasing khan. ref takes a poing away from khan for pushing peterson.

Rd 8 khan going after peterson. big exchanges. peterson hads khan in corner. khan hangs on. Amir lands a few shots.  peterson landsing body shots.

Rd 9 khan coming to life. peterson answers. khan answers. thos os foty. khan trying to go to peterson’s body. khan lands a few looks like peterson is hurt. lamont back in it. amir looking good. peterson lands big shots on khan.

Rd 10 peterson has khan on ropes landing many shots. amir gets out. fans yelling dc. khan and peterson excahnge. khan lands some shots.

Rd 11 both fighters touch gloves. amir lands an upper cut. khan lands a combo. peterson chasing khan. khan against the ropes gets out.

Rd 12 amir putting in work. ref takes another point away from amir for landing after break. amir doing more work. sound of ring fight ends.