Klitschko-Haye: 3 years in the making. 36 minutes in the unmasking.

haye klitschko fight

The King: Of Wishful Thinking. David Haye, from Champion to Photoshop Joke.

Having managed to talk, insult & offend his way into the big show David Haye managed to unequivocally fluff his lines on Saturday night in Hamburg against the effective undisputed heavyweight champion of the world, Wladimir Klitschko. Effective, now, in that any fight between the world’s premier heavyweight & his nearest (dare one say, only) rival is about as likely as Floyd Mayweather going through one press conference without mentioned performance enhancing drug use in boxing.

We look back now, in largely visual form at the 3 year ordeal that “climaxed” in the eventual ring meeting of Haye and Klitschko in Germany last night infront of 45,000 rain soaked & underwhelmed fight fans. This would be impossible without at least a few references to “that” shirt…

haye decapitated head klitschko

David Haye made few friends with his vile & pathetic affronts at common decency throughout the promotion. He did, though, walk away with a reported $15 million.

Klitschko Haye Fight Hype

Big brother is watching… Haye morphed from giant-killer to outsized & outmatch fodder for Wladimir.

david haye hype

And so are the Hayes of Our Lives: All drama but no action.