Kobe Bryant: “Who’ll win? Manny for sure.”

In a recent interview, Kobe Bryant had stated that he is confident that Manny Pacquiao will this time beat Juan Manuel Marquez convincingly, and fully supports his decision to accept this challenge:

“Manny wants to prove once and for all that he’s better than Marquez. Manny’s got nothing to prove against Bradley. He lost the decision but everyone knows he won the fight. I’m a huge Manny fan. If I’m not playing the night he fights (Juan Manuel) Marquez, I’ll be there to watch him. Who’ll win? Manny for sure.”

I wish that the rest of us could be as confident as Bryant is in this particular scenario. While it is true that Pacquiao won his fight against Bradley, I don’t think that anyone on this planet can safely say that Pacquiao will no doubt come out a winner against Marquez. Looking at their fight history, this should once again turn out to be a war inside the ring, and betting on a winner is truly a gamble when these two fight.

The bigger and stronger looking Marquez might have enough power behind his punch to possibly send Pacquiao to the canvas. For me, the potential of this fight went from a waste of time, to a very exciting and absolutely unpredictable future.


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