Lamon Brewster : Mayweather vs Ortiz “It’s OJ All Over Again”

Boxer Lamon Brewster tells EsNewsReporting that what Victor Ortiz did to Floyd Mayweather in the ring was a “really bad thing.”  Brewster defended Mayweather. “People don’t look at the severity of it because they’ve never been in the ring,” said Brewster.  Brewster added that Ortiz’s headbutt could’ve ruined Mayweathers career. “He could’ve knocked out his teeth, knocked out his gums, dislocated his jaw, he could’ve cracked his cheeckbone, he could’ve permanently ended Mayweather’s career,” said Brewster.

Brewster also went on to say that he thinks people are sticking up for Ortiz because they don’t like Mayweather for many reasons, including because of his race. “I”m just going to say it, if  he would’ve been white, he would’ve been Arturo Gatti, any other color than black, we wouldn’t even be having this discussion. It’s OJ all over again. I said it, Lamon Brewster, you may not like me, but I’m just keeping it one hundred,” said Brewster.