Lara (17-1 11 KOs) Beats Hernadez (30-3 20 KOs) Rd by Rd

After 10 rds- Judges 95 – 94 98 – 91 99 – 90 Winner in Lara

Erislandy Lara vs Freddy Hernandez Rd by Rd

Both Lara and Freddy in the ring, gets cheers from the fans.

Rd 1 Lara starts strong comes forward. Lara in control. Hernandez lands a bodyshot. Lara answers with a big left. Rd 1 to Lara.

Rd 2 Lara landing some shots. Hernandrez answers. Lara lands body shots. Rd 2 to Lara.

Rd 3 Hernandez comes forward lands some shots fans gets excited. Lara tries to answer. Goood rd for Hernandez. Rd 3 to Hernandez.

Rd 4 Both Lara and Hernandez go at it. Lara seems to land more shots. fans yelling Freddy. Lara lands some big left shots but Hernandez keeps coming forwards. Rd 4 to Lara.

Rd 5 Freddy starts strong walking forwards. Lara landing body shot after body shot. Lara landing more shots. Rd 5 to Lara.

Rd 6 Lara starts strong. Big left by lara lands on freddy’s jaw. lara and hernandez talk trash fight heated both go on to talk after bell rings. Rd 6 to Lara.

Rd 7 Rd starts, ref takes a point away from Lara for a headbutt. Fight goes on Lara lands some shots. Hernandez is bleeding. Fans yelling Mexico. Freddy comes forward lara moves out of way. Rd goes to Hernandez.

Rd 8 Hernandez starts by coming forwards. hernandez lands a body shot. Hernandez doing well this rd. Hernandez gets rd.

Rd 9 Close rd by Lara gets it.

Rd 10 Hernandez starts strong. Lara comes back. Lara slips. Lara gets up and moves forwards. Rd 10 to Lara.


Fight Ends.