Lara vs Vanes & Mares vs Moreno Predictions

By: Albert Alvarez
Saturday, November 10 2012 On HBO
from the Lafite Ballroom at Wynn Las Vegas

Vanes Martirosyan (32-0-0) vs. Erislandy Lara (17-1-1)- This is for the WBC Super Welterweight World Title Elimination Bout for the right to face, Saul “Canelo” Alvarez. These two 154 pounders have been very quiet as of late, but are now out to make some noise. Vanes is a very game fighter and has shown a lot of improvement. Lara is a very dangerous fighter that has been avoided for years. Come to think about it, Vanes and Lara have both been somewhat avoided by the bigger names in the division.

That may be the biggest reason as to why these two fighters are squaring off now to face one another. Question is, will the winner of this fight still be avoided? I’m guessing Yes, It will more likely depend on the fashion in which the winner will win his match in.

I see this fight being a close one, Vanes will press and will look to over power Lara, but Lara has a very dangerous left hand that comes right down the middle and the angle in which Lara fires it, allows Lara to score with it over and over again. Because of that, I am picking Lara to win by split decision.
Saturday, November 10 2012 On Showtime from the Staples Center, Los Angeles, California

Abner Mares (24-0-1)vs. Anselmo Moreno (33-1-1)-  Both WBC & WBA super bantamweight titles will be on the line in this one. This clash will be the type of fight that will clear the air on who should be next in line to face 122 pound king, Nonito Donaire. I for one am a big fan of Mares, simply because he is a throwback fighter who is always daring to be great.

Moreno, to me is a very slick and clever fighter that is one of the very best at picking his spots. Mares to me is at his best when he is given the distance to be able to box and then bang you out. Moreno will be right in front of Mares and will dare Mares to shoot, but the shot that Mares takes, best be a good one, because Moreno will make you pay.

The key for Mares would be to get in close and bang away at Moreno’s body, force Moreno to reach out to attempt to get some air back in his lungs.

That however, may be easier said than done. I’m picking Moreno to be too slippery for Mares, and will be able to beat Mares to the punch. The most important key in this, is to make your opponent feel uncomfortable in there. In this fight, I see it being harder for Mares to make Moreno feel uncomfortable, than it is for Moreno to make it uncomfortable for Mares. I’m picking Moreno to beat Mares by Split Decision.   
Extra Points:  This Friday night on Showtime, featherwight Gary Russell Jr. will take on Roberto Castaneda, and I tell you one thing. 50 Cent needs to back completely off of that Gamboa versus Mayweather talk, Gamboa is a good fighter, but I’m willing to bet that this kid Gary Russell Jr. would give Gamboa the business.
Mikey Garcia will take on Jonathan Barros on the Vanes/Lara under card..I feel that Garcia at times is too patient, but I see what he is doing and I understand the science behind it. Mikey Garcia is a silent killer.
Punching machine Leo Santa Cruz will also be on the Mares/Moreno card, he is a very exciting young fighter.
Alfredo Angulo will also make his return on the Mares/Moreno card. I want Angulo to make a strong comeback and I would love to see him face Gabe Rosado again. Angulo won by k.o. in their fight a few years back, but Rosado has improved so much since then. I feel that it would make for a great fight.
I finally got to see the Frankie Gomez/Manuel Leyva fight that went down this past weekend.

I got to tell you, to the untrained eye, Frankie has good speed and is heavy handed. But there seems to be something missing below the obvious picture. I love his hunger in the ring, but if he is not matched accordingly, I can see Gomez being knock out sooner than later.

The kid seems to get too reckless during exchanges. Gomez reminds me of Miguel Cotto, an animal in the ring but a pistol couldn’t get him to engage.
I tell you what, that J’Leon Love keeps on getting better and better. This past weekend, Love knocked out Tyrone Selders in the 6th round. Love seems to have the whole package to me,  good defense, a monster when going to the body, good jab, and on top of all that, the kid is very likeable.

I love the way Love is now stepping in with a lead to present you with heat only to turn his main punch over.

That catch and shoot is straight up nasty. I see what you are doing playboy, and I like it.