Las Vegas To Host Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Timothy Bradley in September! Safe Choice For Marquez?

I am sure that most of you have already heard that Juan Manuel Marquez and his team have finally made a decision on whom they want to face next. Team Bradley have also made that same decision, as Juan Manuel Marquez will now face Timothy Bradley on September 14th, in Las Vegas,  Nevada.

This decision should not have come as a surprise to you, as the possibility of this very match-up has been discussed for some time now. Also, this fight should excite most fans, as it pretty much guarantees fireworks. Both Marquez and Bradley don’t mind going toe to toe, and both will try their best to end the fight early.

I think that this fight will prove to be more difficult for Bradley than it will for Marquez, as fighting a master of counter-punching is never an easy task, and for Bradley, volume punching seems to be the preference. I have already heard many people saying that this fight is hard to pick, and that may be so, still I would greatly favor Marquez to either dominate on points, or even send Bradley to the canvas sometime towards the later rounds in the fight.

Will the winner of the fight aim at Mayweather Jr. or Pacquaio? If Bradley takes the win, he would likely want to face either of the two, and if Marquez comes out the victor, I feel that neither would be his target.

This is a great fight, and I am sure that it will prove to be worth the money that people dish out for the rickets or the PPV order.