Lateef Kayode Reaction to Tarver Testing Positive

HOLLYWOOD – June 22, 2012 — I have been informed by The CSAC that Antonio Tarver tested positive for the drug drostanolone, an anabolic steroid.  The substance was found in his pre-fight urine test. My client, Lateef Kayode, trained for 12 weeks by the rule, and we expected the same from Tarver.  (As we would any opponent) We expected a fair fight. I’m shocked in many ways, but as a fan of Antonio’s I am saddened. He had a stellar career that will be forever tarnished. He’s a talent outside the ring as well and I hope that somehow he can move forward in that arena; however, this is the mark that will resonate. Neither Lateef nor I expected this, and once we meet this afternoon to further discuss, we will have his personal take. As for the belt, Lateef Kayode won that fight, and this should end any doubt as to who deserves the belt. I hope the naysayers give Mr. Kayode his due respect.

My prayers go out to Antonio and whoever put this idea before him I hope they feel the levity of their persuasion.  Ultimately it is the athletes decision, but rarely their idea.