Lucas Matthysse Robbed
June 26, 2011 Boxing News

Lucas Matthysse fought a great fight against Devon Alexander including a knockdown, but when the final bell was heard it was Devon who got the decision.

What did you guys make of the fight?


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"4" Comments
  1. I scored the fight 99-90 for Mathysse. It was not close. If I was the referee, I would have stopped the fight in the 6th round. Alexander was getting killed. He may have won the official decision, but he’s the real loser because he suffered permanent brain damage.

  2. this was a very very bad call by the judges, Lucas not only took a majority of the rounds clearly, but he also had a legitimate knockdown……Larry Merchant said it best…as usual….

    • He got robbed very badly. The fight was close but I think he won a majority of the rounds. He landed more punches as shown after the fight. The worst part of all is he knocked down alexander and still got cheated..WoW!!!!


    I guess karma and paybacks a bitch!!!!!

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