Manny Pacquiao’s Journey to Marquez : Roach Picks Sparring Partner
August 31, 2011 Boxing News

EsNewsReporting is tracking Manny Pacquiao’s journey to Juan Manuel Marquez on November 12th. Be sure to check in with EsNewsReporting on a regular basis, a one-stop-shop for what’s going on with Pacquiao as he prepares for Marquez. In this EsNewsReporting video, we learn that Freddie Roach has picked Pacquiao’s main sparring partner, Jorge Linares.

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  1. Linares is a good boxer. I just question if he can endure sparring with Pacquiao. Its kind off different if Pacquiao spars with boxers heavier than him. Its for Pacquiaos conditioning to take a big punch from a heavier boxer. I don’t know whats the conditioning aspect of taking a big punch from a lighter boxer. I’ve seen Linares fight, but his not close to imitate JMM. When Pacquiao fought Barrera and JMM he was probably sparring with Israel Vargas. The mitts and the sparring is important to know what to expect from the opponent in the ring.

    We know JMM tried to go toe-toe, but he got floored 4X. But when he went back to boxing and counter, that is where he was effective. The conditioning coach, JMM is acquiring. Is not for him to go toe-toe. But to have the endurance so he won’t go down for the 5th time. JMM got floored by Floyd with a left hook or kind off left uppercut, because JMM tried to stay in front. That just shows he can’t handle a punch from a heavy boxer.

    • You got me carried away with your in-depth analysis for a while there…
      til you mentioned Israel Vargas, WHO THE FVCK IS ISRAEL VARGAS? FERNANDO’S BROTHER?

      • Dude.. I’m sorry. I meant Israel Vasquez. Thanks for the correction. I did not even notice it. My mind tells me who, but my fingers type in someone else. Not even sure if theres such a name out there.

        I know Fernando Vargas. I don’t know if he has a brother with that kind of name. My bad…

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