Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez On The Same Card In Tune-Up Fights In April?

Bob Arum never ceases to amaze. This time around, Top Rank is thinking of organizing a doubleheader, with Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez fighting different opponents on the same card as a tune up for their fifth bout sometime in September.

Is this amazing or what? Arums is thinking of April 20th as the magic date, and if he can make this far-fetched promise a reality, I think it would be one of the best cards in boxing history.

But let’s use our best imagination and assume this was indeed happening. Who could Manny Pacquiao and Marquez fight? Maybe Pacquiao can fight Rios while Marquez takes on Bradley as a tune up? Or vice versa? While I wound not recommend neither Manny nor Juan to fight those fights, I guess if it does happen than Bradley and Rios would be great for a financially promising tune-up fight.

I can see how if both Pacquiao and Marquez were to decisively win their tune-up fights, their proposed fifth bout would instantly gain significance as well as fan excitement. I assume that there will be an entire army of people wondering of what would happen if either or even both of them lost, and I do agree that in boxing that’s very possible. Having said that, possible and probable are not the same, and Pacquiao losing to Rios and Marquez losing to Bradley seem unlikely. Win or lose, a doubleheader involving those two would sell out no problem.


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