Manny Pacquiao Calls Ricky Hatton’s Comeback a Mistake

In the recent past I have written a few articles about Ricky Hatton’s comeback to boxing, and what others thought of it. Many boxers approve, saying that if boxing is in your blood, there is very little you can do to ignore it. Others say that there have been many fighters who came back after retirement and had a successful continuation of their career.

Manny Pacquiao on the other hand, does not believe that coming back is a very good idea for Ricky Hatton:

“I do not think it is a good idea to come back once a fighter has retired. It’s not something I plan on doing. I know how hard it is to get back into good boxing shape after being out of the training camp for only three or four months. I cannot imagine what it is like after a number of years. It’s not just the conditioning, it’s the reflexes, legs, mental conditioning, and so much more. But this is Ricky’s decision to make and I respect him for it,” stated Pacquiao when talking to The Express.

On one hand it is true that time takes its toll and the longer you wait the harder it is for a body to get back into its optimal physical/athletic state. Pacquiao’s opinion is that of a fighter who has never lost in a similar fashion to that of Hatton’s, thus he never had to leave the sport in such a rock-bottom way.

Pacquiao is definitely right that a long lay off is never a good idea, but is that always a reason to ignore what your mind wants and your body promises to accommodate  I believe that Hatton had to come back to put his mind at ease, and win or lose he will never have think think and wonder about what would have happened if he came back. A healthy mind is by far the most vital thing any person needs in their lives, and it is crucial to oblige to it anytime it calls for one’s action.


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