Manny Pacquiao Press Conference Scheduled for Next Tuesday in LA

Ladies and gentlemen, boxing enthusiasts, and most importantly Manny Pacquiao hardcore fans, we have some news: it looks like Pacman has decided on his next opponent, and there is a press conference planned for the coming Tuesday in Los Angeles at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

“We are getting very close to concluding the deal,” stated Bob Arum in an USA Today article.

So who will it be? Will Juan Manuel Marquez get yet another shot at Pacquiao? Or will Timothy Bradley get the opportunity to prove to the world that his first victory was not as fluke or a mistake.

I have asked myself who could it be? Could it be Mayweather Jr.? Of course not! To be honest, I would much rather see Pacquiao fight Marquez than Bradley.

I know most of you have had enough with the three fights behind us, but at least you’ve got to agree that Marquez is the only one that can make Pacquiao work very hard for his money, and poses by far the biggest threat to the Filipino sensation. If anyone can beat Manny right now, it’s Marquez.

We will find out in exactly one week!