Manny Pacquiao “Rattled” By Frankie Gomez During Sparring

Well this is certainly something that we haven’t yet heard from or aboutcampPacquiao:

According to a recent article on Manila Standard Today, Manny Pacquiao got hit by Frankie Gomez during sparring, and apparently he got rattled as a result. Apparently Gomez caught Pacquiao with numerous solid shots during their intensive training session, but Pacquiao still did great in the sparring.

While it is not easy to give this kind of an occurrence a label, but if Gomez can catch Pacquiao and send him into a momentary daze, than what can a bigger and buffer Marquez do?

Again, everyone gets hit in sparring, and in a way, that is the point of it all, to be caught and learn from mistakes. Still, it is very unusual to hear that coming from camp Pacquiao and it is rare to hear the words Pacquio and rattled in the same sentence.


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