Manny Pacquiao: I Do Not Think Tim Bradley Will Fight Toe-To-Toe With Me






Conference Call  Transcript

BOB ARUM:   Good morning everyone, this fight has been eagerly anticipated, a lot has  been written about it.  The two  fighters are extraordinarily dedicated to their profession.  From everything I hear I think this is  going to be a monumental fight and from talking to Freddie and Manny and from  watching at the Wild Card that many will be 100% prepared and will give a  vintage Manny Pacquiao performance on April 12.

FREDDIE ROACH:   Training is going really well.   The training in the Philippines went real well.  Manny sparred quite a few rounds and  just getting the work in.  We have  five different sparring partners and whatever Bradley brings to the table we  will be ready for.

MANNY PACQUIAO:   Good morning everyone and thanks for joining me on the call today.  I would like to say that training is  going very well and I’m sure you will see a good show on April  12.

Tim Bradley has been talking about the  fact you may have lost your hunger and won’t be able to get it  back…

MANNY PACQUIAO:   Yes, I know.  I assure you I  still have the hunger to win and my desire to win is as strong now as it has  ever been.   His talk about me has inspired me.  It has provided me great motivation in  my training.


Do you still think about the decision  versus Bradley and how do you feel about it?


FREDDIE ROACH:   I don’t get mad.  It’s part  of life, winning and losing.   Revenge is great and that’s what we have a chance to do here we get to  reverse that bad decision and get the win here.  Hopefully if everything goes well and we  fight the right fight we will knock this guy out.


How do you feel about the first fight  and do you need to change the strategy for this fight?


FREDDIE ROACH:   The thing was it was so easy for Manny in the early rounds that in the  later rounds he wasn’t throwing combinations like he usually does.  He was just throwing single punches and  kind of going through the motions.   He thought we was very much ahead, of course, but we needed to be  fighting aggressive three minutes of every round and if we fight at a fast pace  like that we’ll be able to stop Bradley somewhere during the middle rounds along  the way.


Manny, how do you feel when you look  back on that fight?


MANNY PACQUIAO:   I’m not angry after the decision.   The officials did their best and  no one is perfect in this world and sometimes they make mistakes.   It’s part of boxing.  I wasn’t really bothered about it after  the fight.  When I went home, most  of the people were not negative – they were positive about the fight – most of  them thought I won the fight.


Do you feel the need for a knockout to  put the bad decision to rest?


MANNY PACQUIAO:   We are not focusing on the knockout.  We are focusing on being more aggressive  and throwing a lot of punches – and if the knockout comes, it comes.  I just want to prove that I can have the  hunger that it takes to get the job done.


Is the tax situation a  distraction?


MANNY PACQUIAO:   About the tax situation, there is nothing for me to worry about because I  did not hide anything.  So I am not  worried about that.


Have the actions in the Ukraine –  specifically Klitschko finding out it is a lot more difficult than he thought,  it being much tougher than boxing – deterred you in  politics?


MANNY PACQUIAO:   Politics is a lot different than boxing.  It’s different than sports.  Politics is about the nation and the  people.  There is no way to compare  politics to boxing.


Bob, Manny still seems pretty calm  about the decision, what do you think?


BOB ARUM:   Manny is a pretty sensible guy.   That decision was two years ago.   You are not going to change the decision, you just go on with your life  and you do the best you can in the fight that will take place on April 12.  So why would you get worked up about a  decision that took place two years ago.   It was what it was and now you move on.  Duane Ford is no longer judging.  C.J. Ross retired in disgrace after  another crazy decision and hopefully the Nevada commission will appoint judges  from all over the world for this fight that will give a fair result if the fight  doesn’t end in a knockout.


What have you learned from Bradley in  his last two fights? FREDDIE ROACH:  Bradley is a very tough guy.  He takes good shots.  He has a good chin.  He fought concussed against Ruslan and  he didn’t know where he was – I don’t know if that’s a good think or a bad thing  – I don’t know if that will show in this fight but if Manny puts enough pressure  on him and land some hard shots it will affect him and I think it will be in our  favor.


Because of the Bradley decision, do  you think that Manny was being overly aggressive in the Marquez fight, which got  the best of him?


FREDDIE ROACH:   Well, the thing was he just stepped in a little too soon and he got  caught and that’s par of boxing. The thing is, I’m not going to take his  aggressiveness away from him and in his last fight he fought a very aggressive  fight.  He might have been able to  finish him (Brandon Rios), he hurt him a couple of times but we didn’t jump in  so quickly so we did learn some things from that fight.  But we are going to fight our  fight.


What about the judges for April  12?


BOB ARUM:   I don’t know exactly when but we have circulated to both camps, a big  list of proposed judges and given the camps the opportunity to knock off  referees and judges and I have an 11:00 AM call, we have no Executive Director,  so with the Chairman, Cisco Aguilar, to give him the results of the input from  both camps and then I think the Commission has a meeting in early April where  they will actually select the referee and judges.


Do you feel you have to go for a  knockout?


FREDDIE ROACH:   We don’t go into fights looking for knockouts, if you do that it’s not  going to happen.  Knockouts come  with combinations – it’s a little bit of a bonus and the thing is we are going  to fight this fight our way.  We  plan to beat him every round and if a knockout comes, it comes but we are not  going in there looking for a knockout, because again, if you go in there looking  for a knockout you’ll be waiting all night.


If you fight Bradley like you fought  Clottey and Margarito with that game plan…


FREDDIE ROACH:   No, because one bad decision doesn’t change everything in life and  doesn’t change our game plan.  We  are going to fight that is similar to our last fight –stay very busy and throw  combinations and in-and-out.  We’ve  got a good game plan and Manny’s doing very well with it.  We are not going to make any adjustments  as to who the judges are because that is out of our control.


How have the judges affected your  ability to go in the ring and relax compared to how you fought when you lost  that decision to Bradley?


MANNY PACQUIAO:   I am not thinking about the judges.   I always believe in the decisions of the judges.  What I want to do is focus in the ring  and focus on the strategy and techniques that we practice in the  gym.


Does your religious beliefs affect  your attitude in the ring?


MANNY PACQUIAO:   No, the religion is a personal thing in my life and fighting in the ring,  it’s boxing.  It’s my  profession.  God always gives me  strength. In the past I didn’t knock my opponent out – it’s competition –  sometimes you knock the opponent out and sometimes you don’t.  We cannot predict.


Freddie, do you believe Bradley is in  the same class as Manny as a fighter?


FREDDIE ROACH:   He is a very good fighter.   He is tough and resilient.  I  don’t think he has all the abilities that Manny has but he is a solid fighter,  yes.


Would you ever fight in New  York?


MANNY PACQUIAO:   I would love to fight in New York, yes.  It depends on my promoter Bob Arum.  I cannot dictate his strategy – he is  the boss and he can talk about the promotion.  Wherever the fight is, I will  fight.


BOB ARUM:   You have to understand that Manny is a foreign national and if he fights  in New York he has to pay state tax, city tax, unincorporated tax which comes to  fourteen percent.  Because he is a  foreign national he can’t take a credit for any of those taxes.  So the penalty for fighting in New York,  if Manny’s earnings are $20M, is as much as $3M.  So the difference between fight in  Nevada, which has no state taxes, and fighting in New York is $3M.  Now it’s conceivable, if somebody is  going to make up the difference that he could fight in New York.  But why should it come out of his  pocket.  If someone would want him  to fight in New York and change the ridiculously high taxes in New York, or they  subsidize his tax bill in New York, that’s how I see it.  Now Floyd Mayweather has the same  problem – he lives in Nevada where there are no state taxes – so if he pays  taxes in New York he doesn’t get a credit to his state taxes because he pays  none in Nevada.  So it’s well and  good to say, why doesn’t he fight in New York, but it becomes a real  problem.  But if you’re Puerto Rican  or Californian, you could fight in New York because California has a big state  tax and you get a dollar for dollar credit against your state tax for the tax  you paid in New York, and Puerto Rico is the same.  This is not an easy situation.  New York, as even the Governor Cuomo, has  said, is chasing away a lot of business because of the tremendously high tax  rates.


Do you feel Bradley is trying to get  into your head by questioning your heart and desire in the  ring?


MANNY PACQUIAO:   I wouldn’t say that.  The  more he says it the more it inspires me to show the hunger and the killer  instinct he is talking about.  It’s  good for me, but not for them, I think.   I am not angry or disappointed about what he says to me but I’m happy  that he has told me that because it inspires me to train hard and to focus in  the gym on my game plan and focus on the fight.   It is a benefit for  me.


What do you think has changed in  Bradley since you fought him and he has since won two big  fights?


FREDDIE ROACH:   He has always had a lot of heart.   He’s just a very willing guy and he is in very good shape.  For his fights he does what he is  supposed to do.  He boxed well  against Marquez and he beat a good fighter.  What he will bring to the table against  Manny is what he brought against Marquez – he likes to exchange a little bit  also, so when we get into an exchange we will have to take advantage of that  moment.


MANNY PACQUIAO:   I don’t think his style has changed.  He has improved since our last  fight.  Against Tim Bradley I will  fight my best and watch him when I get in there.  I can match him in boxing skills or if  he decides to go toe-to-toe.  I am  not worried about that because I know his style and I can adjust my style for  any style that he may change.


Manny, have you watched the Bradley  Marquez fight?


MANNY PACQUIAO:   I have not watched the Bradley vs Marquez fight.  I  was not surprised that Bradley won and won by decision.  That is what  I had predicted.  Bradley obviously fought the better fight and boxed  Marquez.  I assume Marquez just could not overcome Bradley’s skills and  youth and there was no way Bradley was going to go toe-to-toe after his battle  with Ruslan Provodnikov.


MANNY PACQUIAO:   I  do not think Bradley will fight toe-to-toe with me either, so I will have to  hunt him down.  I am prepared for that.  I am not going for a knockout  but if the opportunity presents itself, I am going to go for it this  time.  Bradley’s talk that I am no longer hungry has inspired me  throughout this training camp.  As Freddie Roach keeps saying every day in  training, “No  Mercy.”


In closing…


BOB ARUM:   I am really excited about this fight.  Manny is coming win with a whole new  attitude – you are going to see the best of Manny Pacquiao.  And Tim Bradley is not the same Tim  Bradley that fought Manny Pacquiao two years ago – he is a much more confident  fight and he is used to the big stage – he is prepared to do a tremendous fight  and those of us who saw him against Provodnikov and Marquez know what a complete  fighter he is.  So I am looking  forward to April12, I think it will be a classic battle with a lot of fireworks  and I think people will really enjoy the event.


MANNY PACQUIAO:   I than everyone for giving me this chance and I thank my promoter Bob  Arum and Top Rank and I would like to invite everybody to watch on April12.  There is going to be a lot of boxing and  it is going to be an historic fight.   Thank you all so much for your support and prayer.  God Bless.



Promoted by Top Rank®,  in association with MP Promotions and Tecate, Pacquiao vs. Bradley 2 will take  place, Saturday, April 12 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas,  Nev.  It will be produced and  distributed live by HBO Pay-Per-View®  beginning at 9:00 p.m. ET/6:00 p.m. PT.


             When Pacquiao and Bradley rumbled the first time, on June 9, 2012 at MGM  Grand, Bradley’s hand was raised via a controversial split decision, ending  Pacquiao’s welterweight title reign as well as his seven-year, 15-bout winning  streak.  Though both fighters  claimed victory neither was satisfied.   Destiny may have played a hand in their first battle but it will be  survival of the fittest that determines the winner of this exciting  rematch.


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