Manny Pacquiao: “Three years? That’s too long.”

“Three years? That’s too long.”

The above quote comes straight from Manny Pacquiao’s mouth during a recent interview.

Is three years too long? Should Manny call it quits in 2014? Maybe 2015?

Of course this question never has a direct answer. Fighters generally don’t hang up the gloves voluntarily, but are instead forced to do so. They are either persuaded or pressured by their family and friends, or they suffer too many losses in the row causing them to realize the danger in fighting when the body is no longer willing to compete.

So, when should Manny stop his boxing career and focus on his politics only? Let’s not forget that Manny is not a politician, he is not a singer or a preacher; he is a world class boxer.

Many people started calling for his retirement after his loss to Marquez, but in reality, he is nowhere ready to retire, and is rightfully continuing his career.

There are still a handful of blockbuster fights to be made, and of course Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Manny Pacquiao will happen, at least I strongly believe it will.

The fact that Manny thinks that three years is too many, while truly irrelevant, shows that he still has not figure out that boxing owns him, and that it will let him go, and not the other way around. He is still a tremendous fighter, and will no doubt bounce back with this year.

Maybe he thinks that he is getting too old? Or maybe he got spooked by the viscous knockout that Marquez handed to him? Either way, there is too much money to be made, too many fights to be held, and too much pride to give up.

I think that we are nowhere near hearing Manny announcing his retirement.


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