Manny Pacquiao Urges Mayweather Jr. To Fight the “Old Has-Been” Him

As time goes on, both Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. are left with less time to close their careers with a bang. Of course it is more than obvious that there isn’t anyone out there for either of them to fight and it be a historically significant event in boxing. Unless they face each other, soon.

While I think that Mayweather Jr. is feeling confident enough that he believes that time runs slower for him, Pacquiao is feeling the urgency to press for their fight to somehow come to fruition.

In the following video published by The Boxing Channel TV, Manny Pacquiao is calling for Mayweather Jr. to accept his challenge, claiming that since Mayweather Jr. believes that Pacquiao over the hill, this should be more of a reason to accept the easy fight.

I can see that Pacquiao clearly wants the fight, and would at this point, do more than he would have done a few years back to pave the way for it to happen. Mayweather Jr. on the other hand might not want this fight as much as Pacman does, although I don’t believe that he is necessarily avoiding it.

It seems that in the past both fighters had their aristocratic egos in the way, and now, as both of them became older and humbler than they were before, negotiations may turn out in our favor.


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