Marco Antonio Barrera Talks Pacquiao, Marquez and Future

In this video we hear from Marco Antonio Barrera.

Translation:1st :17
  • It is going to be a good fight. I think manny needs to find a knock out so there won’t be any controversy.

    2nd :31

    When he fought with me he was a completely different person. His body, his work, his people and I think he is stronger now.

    3rd :45

    Thank you very much for watching me. We are working on t.v.

    4th 1:01

    I like canelo, chavez, and tyson. I like tyson because he is small but a good figher. Marquez is 40 and I think he is done after this fight.

5th 1:24

Thank you, Boxing now needs an idol and Canelo or chavez needs to come through.

6th 1:40

He is a good trainer. He trains Villoria which is a great fighter and he recently gave a great fight. I think he comes from a good school of boxing. He is now positioning himself as one of the best trainers.

7th 2:05

I think what I had to do I did it. I fought who I had to fight and now its over.

8th 2:12

Yes I work for tv azteca I enjoy it. I am in the best fights and that is where we are now

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