Marcos Maidana Gets TKO Over Jesus Soto Karass
September 15, 2012 Boxing News

Marcos Maidana vs Jesus Soto Karass Rd by Rd. At the MGM arena 95% of fans are going for Jesus Soto Karass.

Maidana and Robert Garcia in the ring hearing it form the fans.

Rd 1 Maidana lands a big right. Jesus is jabbing. Trying to box Maidana. With 30 seconds in rd Soto Karass stars to comeback. rd goes to maidana.

Rd 2 Maidana looking sharp landing many bombs. Soto Karass taking punishment. Fans yellsing yes we can.

Rd 3 Maidana drops some big shoyts crowd loving it. . Soto Karass is active in this rounds. bell rings both fighters keep punching crowd comes a live. robert garcia in the ring. kenny bayless goes to both corners with a firm warning

rd 4  Soto Karass starts strong. maidana answers with a big punch. fighters hug and red bayless takes a way a point from both fighters.

Rd 5 maidana seems to be landing more shots. Boig uppercut by maidana but soto karass is still going. as round ends both fighters still exchange. soto karass trying to hit maidana maidana answers.

Rd 6 Soto karass starts strong maidana answers. maidana seems hurt. rd goes to soto karass.

rd 7 red takes poing a point away from madiana. maidana now goes to work . maidana knocks downs soto karass. fans on their feet

rn ref stops fight maidana wins.


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  1. Thanks for round by round coverage .also loved your Olympic coverage

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