Mares vs Agbeko Don’t Blame Oscar
August 13, 2011 Boxing News

Abner Mares beat Joseph Agbeko in a fight that lasted 12 rounds. Many people think Agbeko was not treated fairly due to what looked like low blows from Mares.

In fact, some online users were mad at Oscar De La Hoya. Check out this EsNewsReporting video.


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  1. Maybe he did win the fight regardless of wether it was called a knockdown or wether it was a point deduction for the low blow.

    However He had a massive advantage as he was constantly allowed to hit low.

    Which would have had a massive effect on the outcome f the fight, as low blows sap the energy out of a fighter. aand also Agbeko would constantly worrying about it which could effect his concentration.

    You got to agree it looks very dodgy that the ref ignored what looked like around 20 lowblows.

    You can’t rule out the possibility that someone paid off the ref and Mares was in on it.

    If it was just a couple of low blows then Maybe, but there was about 20 landed al fight.

  2. Mares fights for GBP what else is he gonna say? GBP should have kept quiet and not 10 minutes after the fight twitter and say “thanks Russell Mora”.

    The thing now is that two fighters came out loosing, Agbeko got plainly robbed by a corrupt referee, Abner Mares is now tainted as a dirty fighter and made cannon fodder for Donaire.

    Two careers affected and boxing another black eye, Mora mustbe immediately suspended for life

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