Mares vs Agbeko: Round By Round

Abner Mares vs Joseph Agbeko- IBF world championship

Round 12: Agbeko coming in strong. Al Bernestein says it’s the worst ref he’s seen in 15 years, by not calling the low blows. Mares looking good. Both fighters give it all they got. The fight goes to decision. Agbeko’s corner says “ref  is in the hot seat.”  Agbeko’s corner is furious right now. Agbeko trying to lung toward the ref- because of anger. Mares performed very well- overall. Majority decision goes Mares- as he becomes the new IBF champ.

Agbeko’s corner mad because had the ref deducted even one point for a low blow, it would’ve been a draw. Ref, Russell Mora interviewed by Showtime reporter about below the belt issues. Mora says from what he saw live, it was right on the belt. Showtime makes the ref watch the “low blow” punches in replay. Mora responds by saying that he sticks to his decisions by not calling them “low blows.” Showtime announcer calls the ref out and says “you’re way off.”
Round 11:
Mares lands big right, rocking Agbeko. Agbeko answers back with his own left. Both fighters look tired. Upper cut by Agbeko. Mares hits Agbeko, ref counts it as knockdown. Agbeko says it was a low blow.  So far appears to be a controversial fight with the ref. Agbeko’s corner going after the ref, yelling at him for not counting the knockdown as low blow.
Round 10:  Mares keeps coming forward. Body shot by Agbeko. Total punches so far , Mares 246  of 567 , Agbeko 166  of 500. Mares appears to be tired. Agbeko taking charge of the round. Ref stops round as Mares lands another low blow. No point is taken away. Great round for Agbeko.
Round 9: Agbeko complains of low blow , ref warns Mares. Ref tells Agbeko to watch his head. Body punch by Agbeko. Both fighters trying to land their punches. Agbeko aggressive. Mares has good defense. Left hook by Mares toward end of the round. Crowd cheering for Mares.
Round 8:  So far Mares has landed more power shots 155 of 279, Agbeko 81 of 215. Mares rolled out of Agbeko’s left hook. Agbeko ends round strong.
Round 7: Mares lands a combo, but very careful with his eye, doing his best to protect it. Agbeko lands a jab on Mares’ face. Showtime announcers acting as officials- saying Mares is landing more blows.
Round 6: Mares lands 3 big rights. Both fighters bump heads twice. Mares has cut over his left eye. So far Mares landed 107 of 311, Agbeko 151 of 346. Round ends- Mares’ corner tells him to watch out for the low blows. Corner working on Mares’ eye.
Round 5: So far, it looks like Mares is up in the overall count. Double left hook by both fighters. Stif jab by Mares, Agbeko comes back with his own jab. Ref warning Mares to keep his punches higher, no low blows.
Round 4: Big hit by Agbeko- right hand to the head. Mares took the punch, still standing. Mares bounced back. Overall good round for Agbeko.
Round 3: There appears to be another low blow by Mares. Big left hook by Mares to Agbeko’s face. Agbeko trying to land a big left, but misses. Both exchanging a lot of shots. Mares putting in the work.
Round 2: Mares working Agbeko’s body. Agbeko having a better second round.
Round 1: Mares looing good at the start. Both exchange shots. Mares takes down Agbeko with a big left hook. 10-8 Mares.