Mares Beats Morel

Mares vs Morel Rd by Rd


Rd 1 Morel starts strong. Mares going for the body Morel moves out of way. Mares more active in Rd 1. Rd 1 10-9 to Mares.

Rd 2 Both going toe to toe. Mares landing some good shots. Mares jabbing well. Morel ties Mares up. Mares tells Mores BRING IT ON. Rd 2 10-9 Mares

Rd 3 Mares tries to force some action Morel moves out of the way. Morel tries to land a big upper cut no luck.  Mareslanding some nice shots. Rd to Mares 10-9

Rd 4 Morel tries to fight like a southpaw does nto help him as mares lands two big upper cuts. Mares keeps bringing it Moresl keep trying to move out of the way. Morel lands a right hand. Rd goes to mares 10-9

Rd 5 So far in first 4 rounds Mares landed 87 of 160 morel only 60.  Morel doing better in this rd landing more shots. Rd goes to Morel 10-9

Rd 6 Mares and Morel going at it. less action than in first few rounds. Mares lands a big left hook. Round ends goes to Mares 10-9

Rd 7 Mares trying to work the body of Morel landing some good shots. Morel trying to land on Mares abner tells him bring it on. Rd goes to Mares 10-9

Rd 8 Morel landing some good right hands Mares answers. Mares landing many shots on Morel as Morel is by the ropes. Rd 8 to Mares 10-9

Rd 9 Morel starting to hold and clinch more. Mares out boxing Morel doing more work. Mares gets rd 10-9

Rd 10 Mares and Morel trying to land shots. Mares more active gets rd 10-9

Rd 11 Mares picks up where he leaves off landing more shots doing more work.

Rd 12 Morel tryng to make something happen. Mares takes the hits and lands more in return. rd 12 to Mares. 10-9.


Mares wins