Mares Vs Ponce Rd By Rd Update

Abner Mares vs Ponce De Leon rd by rd

Round 1: Both start with offensive spirit. Ponce De Leon is the agressor thus far, while Mares is fighting backwards. Both showing mutual respect. Mares lands a left. Mares combination to to the body. Both throwing freely, with Ponce De Leon throwing more wide ppower punches, and Mares staying tight.

Round 2: De Leon lands a 1-2 combo. Mares land a 3 punch combo with a solid right. Mares is being the agrerssor. Mares is taking De Leon’s best punches. Mares sends De Leon to the canvas with a left hook. Bell ends round.

Round 3: Ponde De Leon fighting backeards. Possibly intimidated. Mares lands a left. De Leon lands a few lefts. De Leon almost went down again, but the ropes supported him to save the round. Mare’s lefts are very successful thus far.

Round 4: De Leon is signaling mares that to keep em coming. Both staying busy. Mares lands a 1-2. De Leon not hurt. Right hook lands for De Leon. Bell stops the action with both fighters staying busy making this round hard to judge.

Round 5: Even action to start the round. De Leon staying very active. Mares keeps De Leon against the ropes in hopes of landing a power shot. Mares lands a left hook. De Leon looks unurt. Amazing action. Mares is proving that the weight increase is not changing his style and ability.

Round 6: Mares connects with a left hook. De Leon keeps coming. De Leon blocking most punches. Mares ends a right. De Leon is pressing the action.

Round 7: Mares lands a looping right. Mares hit the canvas after a close clinch and De Leon lending awkward angles shots. Mares is complaining to the ref. Fight is resuming. De Leon lands a hard left. De Leon looks confident. Mares lands a right. This si a war. Most action thus far.

Round 8: De Leon is throwing freely. De Leon lends a body shot. Both are trading shots. De Leon is walking Mares down. De Leon lends a left hand. Mares off balance but survives. MAres lands a right. High action rouns, with both fighters looking fresh. De Leon is getting more comfortable as the rounds go on.

Round 9: Mares lands a left. Mares lands a looping right hand. De Leon lands a left. Mars lands a right. De Leon is on the canvas once again. Mares lands a right. Mares flurry. Ref stops the fight. Mares is the TKO winner.

Result. After a tremendous fight, Jay Nady has called the fight in round 9. Mare’s right hands made all the difference in the final round, hurting De Leon while agaisnt the ropes with not much space to move. Many voices around suggesting they disagree with this call, saying that De Leon was still in the fight, being aware of the situation and throwing punches back.

Fight stopped at 2:20 into the 9th round.

Mares: “I had to mix it up. I know he only had one game plan to push, push, push. We got him with great punches. He never hurt me with the left hand. He hit me a lot with the left hands.” “I am going to stay at thsi weight. I am here to fight anyones.” Was it tough to fight a friend: “Very tough. You just dont want to hit a friend.”

De Leon: “Abner Mares was strong, but they should not have stopped the fight.” “He does have a strong punch.” “He was protecting himself very welwhen i was trying to throw the right hand.” De Leon thinks he was winning the fight and suggested that he definitely wants a rematch,


77-74, 76-75, 76-75 were the official scores at the time of the stoppage of the fight. It was indeed a close fight on the cards.