Margarito’s Manager: One More Round, He Would’ve KO’d Cotto
December 5, 2011 Boxing News

EsNewsReporting caught up with Antonio Margarito’s manager who was ringside during the fight against Miguel Cotto. He tell us, if the fight wasn’t stopped, Margarito would’ve knocked out Cotto.

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  1. Santiago Rodriguez

    He is right, Cotto was just hitting that wall he hit in fight 1 let me tell you something you can not No fighter today uses their legs that much and makes it a full 12 unless your Ali.

    Sooner or later your going to have to stand and trade, especially when your taking body shots in return for 9 rounds and throwing shots back and pushing a big man back your going to get tired.

    I also find it suspect that the tape on Cottos glove came loose, notice the tape when he walks to the ring, then some where during the fight the corner added additional tape and we all know when your fighting in there sweat does get on the tape of the gloves as it becomes wet through the fight.

    When you apply additional tape over that for no reason, Obviously you have a reason, because that tape is not going to stick when its over wet tape, Cottos corner did that to get him a rest in the fight there was no need for the extra tape and out of no where it appears and suddenly the ref has to call time but not only does he call time he instructs their corner to take their time and usually refs tell them to hurry up with that.

    What we got was not revenge we were given a fight NY didnt want in the first place and they stopped it just before the villain knocked out Miguel

  2. this guy is crazy tony wold get his ass kick in one more round this guys dont know how to loss he was a cheater and thats it seens they cougth him he have loss 3 figths and thats it …

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