Mariusz Wach Admits To Doping Before The Wladimir Klitschko Bout, Blames His Trainers

Slowly but surely boxing and PED use is becoming intertwined. More and more boxers are found out with steroid use, some voluntarily while other via vigorous drug testing. It would seem that one would learn a lesson from the other, but alas fighters seem to think that they could use without ever being discovered.


Now, Polish heavyweight Mariusz Wach has admitted that he was doping for the Wladimir Klitschko bout back in November. Of course Wach doesn’t believe that he is to blame for this illegal activity, as he states all this was done without his knowledge or consent:


“Doping was poured into my system for a long time. My suspicions fall on the coaches. I plan to conduct my own investigation, but won’t make the results public. In addition to the two of my coaches, a large number of other specialists helped me to prepare for the bout. And I really don’t know what they’ve been doing exactly. I can’t name those forbidden substances because I was forbidden from doing so. But, according to my information, the quantity of dope in my sample was minimal,” stated Wach in a recent interview with Gazeta Krakowska.


There are two things that Wach said that he should have avoided.


The first one is that the quantity detected was minimal. This makes absolutely no different when it comes to doping in sports. While some argue that there are various natural enhancers that could sometimes yield this false negative result, it is simply not true. Although PED manufacturers have learned of better ways to mask their product presence in the body, the chemical drug tests are keeping up and are always able to find traces if need be.


The second thing that Wach made a mistake in tacking is that it was his team who were secretly doping him without him knowing anything about it. I’m sorry, but this has to be a very pathetic excuse to try and save face. Anytime anyone makes such a ludicrous statement, their credibility should be revoked. A simple sit down conversation with the team should be enough to prevent this kind of a mishap, and in case a fighter feels nervous in trusting their team, independent drug testing is not only cheap but is readily available.


Wach, alongside a few others have turned boxing into a dirty sport. Now, every losing fighter will point their finger at their conqueror in hopes of staining their name and finding traces of some illegal substance. The funny thing is that PEDs have never been as potent and effective as people believe they are.  The truth of the matter is, they don’t make you that much stronger and that much faster in boxing. As a matter of fact, since boxing is mostly a technical skill dependent sport, PEDs are pretty much a waste of a risk.


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