Marquez vs Pacquiao Broken Down

Of all the fighters who have attempted in recent times to derail the Manny Pacquiao Express only one has come close. Many would argue that Mexico’s Juan Manuel Marquez has done far more than that in his two previous meetings with The Fighting Pride of The Philippines. The pair have given hardcore boxing fans two epic encounters filled with passion, guts, the desire to overcome adversity, and yes – controversy; more on that later.

Marquez Pacquiao

No other fighter has come close to matching the troubles JMM has given Pacquiao in their two meetings to date.

Why though has Marquez succeeded (to whatever degree you would argue he has) where Miguel Cotto, Ricky Hatton, (a granted, past his sell by date) Oscar De La Hoya, Antonio Margarito & Joshua Clottey failed dismally?

Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Manny Pacquiao

Result: Draw

Total Punches

Jabs Power Punches
Juan Manuel Marquez 158 / 547 36 / 208 122 / 339
29% 17% 36%
Manny Pacquiao 148 / 639 48 / 408 100 / 231
23% 12%



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Juan Manuel Marquez vs Manny Pacquiao

Result: Manny Pacquiao wins by split decision.

Total Punches Jabs Power Punches
Juan Manuel Marquez 172 / 511 42 / 201 130 / 310
34% 21% 42%
Manny Pacquiao 157 / 619 43 / 314 114 / 305
25% 14%



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That Marquez is a fighter of true grit & determination is beyond question. The term warrior is used all too often to describe boxers – but for him the moniker is entirely appropriate & deserved. In both previous clashes with Pacquiao he was offered ample scope to surrender; but each time not only refused to stay down but indeed upped his game, increased the pressure on the Filipino phenomenon and ultimately began winning round after round. He continues the rich and storied lineage of great Mexican champions who were willing to pay – in pain endured; in sustained punishment absorbed – the onerous price for membership into their very exclusive club.

There is, of course far more to why Marquez has enjoyed appreciably more success than the other champions the PacMan has beaten so “easily” of late – for one; boxing requires more than the simple ability to endure punishment. Joshua Clottey, as one example, possessed this ability in bucket loads, though lacked the offensive skills or application to worry a Manny Pacquiao whose defensive skills are routinely underrated in the face of his era defining skill set on the front foot. No, Juan Manuel Marquez’s success against Manny Pacquiao offers a tantalizing glimpse at what the future might hold for any showdown with Floyd Mayweather Junior down the road.

Marquez is perhaps best described as a fast (if now aging), counter puncher who fights from an orthodox stance & is capable of very good combination punching. Give or take an adjective (great for good as Roger Mayweather might say) does any of that sound familiar? Food for thought, perhaps.

Matt Hamilton, reporting!