Marquez will face Bradley in November if the Pacquiao fight doesn’t materialize.

At this point in time, I assume that most of you have heard that Manny Pacquiao will more than likely be facing Juan Manuel Marquez for the fought time this coming November, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

While this has not yet been confirmed, there is an entire army of people hoping for, and waiting to see Marquez step inside the ring against his top rival Pacquiao. But just in case this fight doesn’t come through, Marquez has another intriguing fight lined up for him to take.

According to a recent BoxingScene report, Marquez will certainly face Timothy Bradley if the Pacquiao fight doesn’t materialize, and I can clearly see why this would be the next best thing for Juan; he will want to do better against Bradley than Pacquiao did, and throw that in the face of all the Team Pacquiao members and fans.

“I spoke in length with my promoter Fernando Beltran and we discussed all of the possible scenarios for my next fight. The first scenario is to face PAcquiao again and that’s almost a fact, but in this business anything can happen. If for any reason Pacquiao does not materialize, we will go against Timothy Bradley in November,” stated Marquez.

To be frank with you, I am not even sure which fight I would like to see more. Bradley vs. Marquez could prove to be a very exciting and competitive fight, with a more solid outcome for either fighter than when previously facing Pacquiao.

Time will tell, and as far as I understand, final decisions will soon be released.